Securing Energy Companies

The energy and utilities sector forms a key part of critical national infrastructure, which makes it a high value target for state or non-state actors seeking to gain military or political advantage or cause chaos and disruption.

Energy companies and grid organizations need to be aware of the various cyber threats that face them, and accept that their strategic role in society places them in the firing line of some particularly skilled and motivated attackers, including state actors.

In our times, cyber security in the energy sector is not just a strategic issue but also an existential one. Energy companies have become prime targets for attackers, including state and non-state actors. Information security will also define the energy sector’s ability to meet future challenges such as carbon reduction.

Industry specific knowledge

We offer a range of solutions through our dedicated OT Security practice, including Security Assessments for ICS environments; both at the design stage and also for established systems.

Experience has taught us that if your business can resist targeted cyber-attacks from advanced nation states, it can resist cyber-attacks from almost all threat actors. The energy sector has seen more than its fair share of targeted attacks that have been attributed to nation state threat actors.


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