Importance of Finance Security

Today, bank robbers come in through all kinds of virtual backdoors—weaknesses in programming and code exploited by hackers who then steal information and make off with it, either to sell it or use it themselves to commit financial and identity fraud.

Banks and other financial firms clearly need their security teams to monitor their IT infrastructures for weaknesses, not stand in front of the safe. Virtual and electronic security are arguably more important than physical security. A single hacker can make off with the information of hundreds of thousands of customers, stealing more money from more people than a single old-fashioned bank robber could make off with in a number of heists.

Clearly, IT security is one of the upmost importance to players in the finance industry. They need to keep their information safe, along with that of their customers. They need to be constantly testing and patching their systems to guard against the 21st-century bank robbers.

We have developed highly-effective security solutions for the banking sector, enabling organizations to embrace new technologies, identify strategic risks and protect their most critical IT components. These should flow from your overall cyber security strategy, something that we can use our unique experience to ensure is fully aligned to your business risk appetite and threat profile.


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