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Our offensive services cover a wide range of ethical hacking techniques and methods, which are conducted by an attacker approach. Ethical hacking is a comprehensive term which contains numerous hacking methods, like penetration testing, red teaming, war game, social engineering.
The goal of these testings are to identify vulnerabilities and other security risks in the client’s networks, web and mobile applications. The results and analysis of these tests provide an excellent foundation for the client to create an effective security or remediation plan, which can reduce the likelihood and success of future attacks. Well documented ethical hacking projects can help the organizations to be more security-conscious by creating security policies for the whole infrastructure – including the human factor as well.
Ethical hacking tests are essential in the life of a corporate organization, not just because of the emerging number of malware, ransomware, cryptominers and other malicious attacks, but to ensure compliance with IT security rules and laws.






Penetration testing is an advanced ethical hacking method, during which our assessors use pre-discussed methodology to provide a security review of the client’s networks and/or applications. The process begins with a detailed research and scanning into the architecture and environment, to identify possible vulnerabilities in the networks, endpoints, web applications, wifi and mobile networks in scope.
After the vulnerability assessment, which provides a great foundation for the further analysis, an exploitation phase follows. In this phase our testers try to exploit the vulnerabilities found for the purpose of detecting true security weaknesses and risks. This may involve operating systems, services and application faults, configurational errors or end user behaviour. This is to justify security measures’ effectiveness and end user compliance.
At the end of the tests our team creates detailed report about the vulnerability findings with severity levels and a complete remediation plan.


Security breaches, data exfiltration, application downtimes can mean direct financial or brand reputation loss, which can later expand into departure of clients and authorities may even fine you if your organization is supervised by a regulatory authority.
Most organizations try to fight these by investing into IT security solutions like User Behavioural Monitoring, encrypting technologies, IDS/IPS, firewalls, etc. But new vulnerabilities emerge every single day, you have to be concentrated on the ones that matter for you the most.
Our penetrations tests evaluate your organization’s security stance, considering your network, applications, endpoints and endusers awareness in both external and internal tests. The test’s results help your IT management and security staff prioritize the validated security issues and vulnerabilities, creating an action plan to remediate the findings.





War Game simulations have been widely used by military and intelligence forces for decades. The most important goal is to prepare the troops to events that would occur in a war. This approach has been successfully adapted to meet the security needs of the business sector. In most cases organizations are not properly prepared for an unexpected cyber incident – often a well documented incident response plan is merely not enough.
And this is where our Cyber War Game service comes in: it helps prepare organizations for managing cyber incidents effectively and properly. Our war game service has the following 3 stages:

    • First of all, our team performs a deep analysis of the company’s infrastructure, defensive arsenal, existing playbooks, Incident Response Teams and potential security weaknesses. Based on the information gained from the analysis, we specify principles, concepts and goals.
    • In the next phase, the war game begins with the teams, based on the previously composed script – coordinated by a mediator. The war game may last form a half day to multiple days – all based on the client’s needs and possibilities.
    • At last, a report is created based on the observations and analysis of the defensive team and their infrastructure (protocols, playbooks, employees effectiveness) which includes a detailed performance evaluation and future suggestions.

War game service is recommended to larger organizations. A simulation tailored to the company and its infrastructure can help create a more useful script to respond to newly appearing cyber incidents.





Cyber attacks can come from various sources and with different purposes, rendering organizations not only afraid of their own safety, but of being impeached for ‘letting’ hackers use their resources to attack other companies.

A well-planned security system is the combination of communicational, computer, network and physical security. In order to achieve this, policies need to be implented, which can prevent the unauthorized use of the corporation’s informational values, and also the proactive risk management becomes crucial.

The main goal of red teaming is to determine the organization’s risk rating, and to identify vulnerabilities related to its facilities, employees and technologies.

During red teaming, various attacks are executed side by side, such as social engineering, physical penetration testing, application penetration testing, network penetration testing, etc. The goal of the attacks is to identify real threats that may be exploited during a real life, malicious attack. For instance those vulnerabilities that could provide virtual or physical access to sensitive information – producing data leakage and causing the whole system/network to be compromised.

Our highly trained security professionals simulate attacks in order to:

    • Identify the physical, hardware, software and human vulnerabilities
    • Ensure the better understanding of the corporation’s risk level
    • Help patching of the recognized security weaknesses

Red teaming is recommended to larger corporations, where the networks are so large-scale, that a basic penetration testing is not enough and a more complex approach is needed.





The behavior of the personnel can have a huge impact on the safety of information in an organization. Usually the human factor is the weakest link in the chain of security. In many cases, even though the company uses the latest technological and physical security solutions, it becomes indispensable to educate employees, vendors and subcontractors in order to increase information security awareness.

Because of hackers are aware of the above mentioned facts, their first targets are always the human beings. Cyber criminals use sophisticated social engineering tools in order to persuade and manipulate their targets so they can acquire sensitive information.

Our social engineering service prioritizes on the human factor, which has a significant role during building security in an organization. Through using various investigating and analyzing techniques based on automated and manual testing, our security professionals plan realistic social engineering campaigns to test the personnel and the processes.

We use the following methods:

    • phishing
    • vishing (voice phishing)
    • open source information gathering
    • deception, manipulation



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