The pandemic situation places a heavy burden on IT operators and security professionals. On this site, Black Cell Hungary Ltd. has collected the services and solutions with which we can help overloaded professionals and with which the security infrastructure and security monitoring – that might have been weakened due to the mass Work From Home policy initialization – can be strengthened or maintained.

Remote work

Risk management and Compliance

During the pandemic situation, we support organizations’ Information Security Officers (ISOs), Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and Information Security Managers (CIOs / CISOs) in both information security and data protection planning, implementation and management for remote work, using business impact analysis and risk analysis based on the Crown Jewels Analysis methodology.

Remote work

Secure remote access to industrial systems, industrial VPN

The remote maintenance staff, operators, or external (even foreign) support engineers must be provided continuously with remote access and intervention, or even monitoring possibility. Due to the travel limitations, it is now particularly important to access industrial systems remotely over a secure and reliable connection. EWON devices, supported by Black Cell, are specifically designed for the industry. They do not require an IT security engineer to install them, and in most cases, they are installed by the OT specialists. The advantage of this solution is that the protection of corporate or industrial networks does not need to be weakened, and usually it is unnecessary to change the firewalls.

Remote work

Vulnerability assessment of remote work environments

The aim of the vulnerability assessment of remote work environments is to mitigate the risks and vulnerabilities of the remote access implementation and its working. The assessment consists of the mitigation of the vulnerabilities via the Internet, access management and network vulnerabilities and provide with remediation steps to them. Thus, the service package starts with a security testing of the implementation of remote work environment, and then based on it, the experts conduct a deeper vulnerability assessment.

Remote work

Home Office and remote work monitoring with SPLUNK and QRADAR

The service primarily focuses on remote workers and we make it available to organizations that already have an integrated and configured IBM QRadar, or Splunk Enterprise log analysis system. If there is no dedicated solution for endpoint monitoring, such as EDR, DLP, MDM, it is possible to develop efficient monitoring methods based on log-collection. If there is a dedicated solution for endpoint monitoring, it can be supplemented with special correlation rules, dashboard-visualized analytics and alarm functions can be introduced to efficiently and automatically monitor the remote-work activity.

Remote work

Protection of personal and corporate devices used for remote work

Protecting home workstations and devices is a priority during this period. The Sophos Central solution can be accessed from anywhere, provides cloud-based management and rapid implementation for organizations. Supplying devices with enterprise virus protection can be accomplished in a few simple steps. It is difficult to predict how long the restrictive measures will last, this is why Black Cell offers endpoint protection service in a commitment-free, user-based and monthly-billed construction. Once normal operation is restored, the service can be easily canceled and removed.

Remote work

VPN-as-a-Service, monthly-billed, enterprise VPN service

More and more employees use virtual private networks [VPNs], which provide secure access to the corporate infrastructure as well as contact with partners / colleagues in their daily work. Black Cell offers a solution for its Clients that does not overload the network security devices; therefore, it is not interrupting the operation. The product is installed in a virtualized environment, requires no hardware purchase and, like in case of endpoint protection, is quick and easy to implement. Once normal operation is restored, the service can be easily canceled and removed.

Remote work

A guide to deal with the pandemic situation

We have put together a document to help companies and organizations with pandemic and business continuity planning. The sixty-page guide covers the following topics:


  • Pandemic planning
  • Is a pandemic plan necessary at all?
  • Preparation, response, recovery
  • Basic considerations for the design
  • The role and significance of Crisis Communication
  • Basic principles of Crisis Communication
  • Business continuity
  • Why is it necessary to have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)?
  • Business continuity recommendations and standards
  • Related control points of ISO / IEC 27001: 2013

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