TeamViewer and Black Cell

TeamViewer is the world’s most popular remote access and connection tool, with more than 2 billion devices running a TeamViewer solution. The success of TeamViewer lies in the fact that it is platform-independent, hence it works on mobile devices, Windows, Linux or MacOS devices, depending on the packages guarantees a high level security and continuously allows remote access and remote access of various devices.


Why get TeamViewer solutions from Black Cell?

As a qualified and preferred partner of the manufacturer, Black Cell sells TeamViewer solutions at prices lower than online prices.

Numerous companies are unable to shop online as they possess no corporate bank card. Black Cell offers TeamViewer solutions in the classic order-shipping model in its usual sales channel.

In addition to sales, Black Cell provides value-added services to our TeamViewer customers. Not only do we deliver the necessary licenses at a better price, but our trained engineering team assists in product introduction and integration, as well as providing ongoing technical support to our clients.

Our consultants help in developing the regulatory environment for teleworking and remote access to ensure compliance with the law. It is necessary to implement an employer policy on the telework and labor protection requirements in accordance with the Labor Code and the General Data Protection Regulation. It is of utmost importance to align the information security and quality assurance requirements of Home Office with existing regulations for organizations that have a (certified) information security management system (ISO / IEC 27001: 2013) or a quality management system (BS EN ISO 9001: 2015).

Introducing TeamViewer

Tailored to your needs – Premium, Corporate, Tensor

TeamViewer Premium and Corporate packages allow operators and administrators to securely access managed computers and servers.

The key difference between Premium and Corporate is that while Premium allows only one remote session at a time for devices running TeamViewer, with Corporate three operators can simultaneously access remote computers or servers at the same time. Additional license available for purchase to enable further simultaneous connections with Premium and Corporate packages.

There are also significant differences between security and management functions.

The Premium package typically caters to small business needs, so the reporting functionality is limited, for example, but the Corporate package provides more detailed reporting, such as tracking which users are logged on to which remote device, where and when they did.

Designed for enterprise needs, TeamViewer Tensor already has control over which remote devices users can access and session recording, making it transparent and auditable to see exactly who did what during the remote session.

In case of choosing Premium, TeamViewer install will have to be done to manually, while Corporate and Tensor have the ability of bulk deployment.

Augmented reality based assistance

TeamViewer Pilot provides remote assistance based on Augmented Reality (AR).

Connecting to the remote user’s mobile device, the support engineer sees the problem through the mobile device’s camera, and able to place markers, guidelines on the live stream camera image – e.g. Draw on the Live View – these appear on the user’s screen as guidance.

Pilot not only transmits the image but the audio, meaning that the operator not only sees what the user sees, but also can communicate with the user in a cost-effective way thanks to Voice over IP.

Remote desktop use, telework

Premium and Corporate packages are providing efficient and easy remote access primarily to operators however, TeamViewer Tensor provides enterprise users with remote access to workstations and secure remote working.

Tensor allows hundreds of users to connect to their workstations without having to set up a VPN connection or weakening the company’s firewall protection. Not only does Tensor eliminate the load on the firewall or VPN hub, but it also allows users to record video from a remote session, which makes telecommuting completely transparent and controllable.

Tensor can implement Single Sign On (SSO) logins, meaning there is no need to manage users on the TeamViewer management interface, and can be integrated with Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS), Azure, Okta, or any other SAML-enabled CA.

IoT remote control and remote management

TeamViewer IoT is a cloud-based management platform that makes it easy to manage various IoT sensors. The advantage of this solution is that it allows event-driven interventions, which means that not only remote access to the sensors is ensured, but also the ability to collect data from them and to generate alarms based on the collected data.

TeamViewer IoT allows other proprietary applications to access data collected from sensors via the API without the need for letting external applications to access the sensors.

For sensors that do not have a graphical interface, it is possible to create remotely accessible UI interfaces making device management even more efficient.


Platform-independent asset management and monitoring

Not only does TeamViewer allow remote access, but with an additional license you can overwatch and monitor workstations along with servers.

TeamViewer Remote Management provides cloud-based management of integrated devices. You can continuously monitor key operating parameters such as CPU and memory usage, disk states and capacities, services running, firewall and virus protection status, event logs, Windows update status, and more.

With additional licenses you can replace endpoint protection, as TeamViewer Endpoint Protection includes the Bitdefender antivirus engine for integrated and cloud-based managed virus protection with endpoint security (such as USB security).

TeamViewer Remote Monitoring is platform-independent, runs on Windows, Linux, and MacOS devices, and enables remote monitoring of various network devices (such as switches, routers).


TeamViewer places great emphasis on security. The TeamViewer service and data center are certified to ISO 27001, HIPAA, HITECH, SOC2 and is constantly being reviewed and renewed. TeamViewer uses Secure Remote Protocol (SRP) for authentication, the communication is protected by a 2048-bit RSA key and AES256 encryption. The system supports and recommends multi-factor authentication to strengthen password protection, which can significantly reduce the risk of Account Takeover and Credential Leak attacks.