Don’t let these Grinchy scams ruin your holiday spirit!

  1. Lookalike websites – Spot the difference! Check URLs carefully to avoid falling for imitations and protect your online shopping.
  2. Social media gift exchange – Spread joy, not personal information! Be cautious of unsolicited gift exchanges to safeguard your privacy.
  3. Grandparent scam – Naughty list for scammers! Verify requests for financial help before sending money and protect your loved ones.
  4. Temporary holiday jobs – Avoid getting elfed over! Research job offers thoroughly to dodge fake employment opportunities.
  5. Free gift cards – Too good to be true? Exercise caution with offers and don’t let scammers steal your holiday cheer.
  6. E-cards – Open with care! Only unwrap e-cards from trusted senders to steer clear of phishing attempts.
  7. Fake shipping notifications – Santa or scam? Verify tracking details directly with the retailer to avoid grinches stealing your packages.
  8. Phony charities – Give wisely! Donate to reputable organizations and avoid unknown charities to ensure your generosity makes a real impact.
  9. Travel scam – Sleigh ride or scam ride? Book through reputable travel agencies and steer clear of suspicious deals to enjoy a worry-free vacation.
  10. Not-so-merry mobile apps – Download cheer, not fear! Get apps from official stores to avoid malware and keep your devices safe.
  11. Holiday smishing (SMS) – Tis the season to be cautious! Be wary of unexpected holiday-themed text messages to avoid falling for SMS scams.
  12. Hot holiday gift scams – Jingle bells, not shady sells! Purchase from reputable sellers to avoid counterfeit products and ensure your gifts bring joy.

Stay vigilant, stay festive, and have a safe and joyous holiday season!


<a href="" target="_blank">Péter Szöllősi</a>

Péter Szöllősi


Peter has been the Head of Offensive Security at Black Cell for five years, where he manages the pentester team responsible for providing high-quality ethical hacking services to clients to enhance their security posture. He also contributes to the maintenance and improvement of Black Cell’s security posture with internal and external audits.

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