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Thank you for participating in our game. If this was a real campaign with malicious intent, the information you provided could be used to carry out further attacks against you or your organisation.

Phishing attacks

Targeted phishing attacks to gain access.

Data leakage

Selling the data obtained on specialised sites.

Further access

Extortion to gain further access to critical assets.


We recommend that you always exercise caution when providing your personal data. Only provide data that is not sensitive/sufficient to carry out, for example, the attacks listed above.

Our general phishing simulation and complex social engineering services can greatly contribute to increasing the level of security by assessing the information security maturity of employees, analysing the results and providing a realistic picture of possible security non-compliances. We also provide Awareness training, which uses the results of the tests to prepare students for “real life”.


Exercise caution when providing your personal data


Only provide data that is not sensitive


Try phishing simulation and other social engineering services


Implement awareness training

Note: It is important to point out that we have of course not saved any of your data, our aim was to raise awareness!