As remote work becomes the new norm, ensuring the security of your digital workspace is more critical than ever. Our infographic on Remote Work Security Do’s and Don’ts provides essential tips to help you maintain a secure and efficient remote work environment. From using strong passwords and multi-factor authentication to avoiding unauthorized devices and unsecured networks, these guidelines will help you protect your sensitive information and keep cyber threats at bay. Explore the infographic to empower yourself with the knowledge needed to navigate remote work securely and confidently.

Source: GlobalSign


<a href="" target="_blank">Péter Szöllősi</a>

Péter Szöllősi


Peter has been the Head of Offensive Security at Black Cell for five years, where he manages the pentester team responsible for providing high-quality ethical hacking services to clients to enhance their security posture. He also contributes to the maintenance and improvement of Black Cell’s security posture with internal and external audits.

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