Security for Corporate and BYOD devices used in Home Office

Security for Corporate and BYOD devices used in Home Office


In the present pandemic situation, one of the most important action to slow down the expansion of the outbreak is to let the employees work from home. Also, as the usage of employee-owned (BYOD) devices is rapidly growing, imminent action is needed to protect these and home networks.

Sophos Central is an easy-to-use, cloud-based security platform, what is easy to implement and can be accessed from anywhere. Because of this, extending the enterprise-grade virus protection is just a few clicks away.

It’s hard to tell when this pandemic period will end, so we provide a per-user basis subscription with monthly billing. If the subscription is not needed anymore, it can be cancelled anytime at no additional cost.


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* The price is valid between 1-100 users, for more than 1000 users, ask for a quote

** Non – recurring expense: technical implementation by a Sophos Certified engineer

VPN-as-a-Service: Enterprise-grade VPN with monthly billing


To contain the disease, to protect the employees against it, and to maintain business continuity, many organizations ordered mass telecommuting, which is generates massive network traffic.

To work from home, most of the employees use secure, virtual private networks, which are a safe way to reach the organization’s infrastructure and to communicate with colleagues and partners. This sudden increase in VPN usage can over-burden the existing network and security infrastructure and can risk business continuity.

Black Cell’s monthly billing VPN plan does not affect the existing network and security devices of the organization; therefore, it does not impact Business Continuity. As it’s running on a virtual environment, it is easy to implement and lacks any additional cost besides the monthly bill.

Also, as a service with monthly billing flat plan without fixed term contract, our clients can easily end the subscription when it’s no longer needed.

Further advantages:

  • Client VPN solution with an implementation time of under one day
  • Scalable VPN performance [without the need of extra hardware]
  • VMware, Hyper-V, Xen and Cloud [Azure] compatibility
  • LDAP integration for the granular user/group-based access management
  • Web GUI for administration
    • Self-Service for downloading the client and configuration
  • Performance (Vcore/Memory) based monthly biling
  • Optional managed services without extra expenses (Pay-as-You-Go Model)
    • Remote consultation
    • Troubleshooting
    • Change Management and optimization

* Non – recurring expense: technical implementation by a Sophos Certified engineer