Béla Droppa  Compliance Manager

As the Compliance Manager of Black Cell, Béla Droppa oversees the organization’s risk and compliance posture, as well as manages the advisory team. Based out of the Budapest office, with visits to the Frankfurt am Main sales hub, Béla is responsible for leading the expansion of Black Cell’s Cloud Security and Compliance services in the DACH region. Béla leverages his expertise in data protection, privacy, and cloud security to create new offerings that meet evolving needs and develop strategic relationships with clients. Béla has been part of the Black Cell story for 9 years, working in various business operations functions prior to pivoting to compliance.

Blog posts

Béla Droppa

Black Cell achieved Sophos Synchronized Security Partnership

Black Cell, a Sophos Platinum Partner, has been recognized for achieving the Sophos Synchronized Security Partneraccreditation. This recognition is a testament to the expertise and commitment of Black Cell's securityprofessionals who have completed a specialized...

Béla Droppa

ChatGPT Powered Malware Bypasses EDR

In research by Jeff Sims at HYAS, he creates “Blackmamba,” an “AI synthesize polymorphic keylogger” that uses python to modify its program randomly. The basic components of this polymorphic keylogger require a LLM, large language model like ChatGPT. The malicious...




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