#BlackCell #CyberdeceptionDay

Stay vigilant – it’s April Fool’s Day International Cyberdeception Day!

Did you know that April 1st marks International Cyberdeception Day?

On this occasion, we wanted to share an important message regarding the dangers of real phishing attacks and draw attention to the importance of cybersecurity awareness.

If you found yourself here, then unfortunately, our harmless but deceptive phishing email has managed to deceive you. Upon closer examination, you will notice several discrepancies that reveal it is not an authentic message. For example instead of ‘blackcell.io’ you clicked on the URL ‘blackell.io’. See the difference? Just a tiny little ‘c’.

Please take a few minutes to review our content, where you can gain useful insights.

Infographics on cybersquatting
Offensive Security Whitepaper

Also our phishing simulation and awareness training services can prepare you to evade such attacks easily. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to reach out to us at your convenience.